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National Medals

Air Commando Medal Set (Each)
Product ID : JDT-AF-054
Unit Price: $27.25
JROTC Air Commando (ACA) Medal with slide on drape. Includes Ribbon and...
Daedalian Medal Set (Each)
Product ID : JDT-36-005
Unit Price: $22.00
The Daedalian medal set includes medal with drape attached & ribbon in a...
Heroism Medal Set (Each)
Product ID : JDT-36-008
Unit Price: $27.50
Heroism medal set includes medal with drape attached & ribbon in a sleeve for...
JROTC Coin With Chain (Each)
Product ID : JDT-45-006
Unit Price: $4.39
Challenge coin shaped like a dog tag. US Army JROTC logo on front. back side...
JROTC Superior Cadet Medal Set (Each)
Product ID : JDT-36-004
Unit Price: $13.20
Junior ROTC Superior Cadet medal set includes medal with attached drape &...
Plastic Presenation Box
Product ID : JDT-58-308
Unit Price: $1.99
Plastic clear lid box for presentation of medals
Recruiting Medal Set (Each)
Product ID : JDT-36-007
Unit Price: $13.20
U.S. Army recruiting command medal set includes medal with drape & ribbon...
ROA Medal Set JROTC(Each)
Product ID : JDT-36-006
Unit Price: $20.90
Reserve Officers Association medal award set JROTC includes medal with drape...
ROTC Superior Cadet Medal (Each)
Product ID : JDT-36-003
Unit Price: $13.20
Senior ROTC Superior Cadet Medal award. Medal set includes ribbon.
Small Military Blue Plastic Medal Presentation Box (official)
Product ID : JDT-58-306
Unit Price: $10.92
Small official military blue plastic presentation box for medals.
VFW Medal Bronze
Product ID : JDT-36-009
Unit Price: $17.60
Veterans of Foreign Wars Medal set. Comes with ribbon.
WOA Medal Set (Each)
Product ID : medal_woa
Unit Price: $19.50
Copper, Bronze, Silver or Gold. WOA Medal set with ribbon
Military Order of the World Wars National Medal (MOWW)
Product ID : JDT-36-010
Unit Price: $19.20
Comes with Ribbon
WOA Copper Medal Set (Fresh)
Product ID : JDT-52-044
Unit Price: $19.50
Copper WOA Medal set with ribbon for Freshman
WOA Bronze Medal Set (Soph)
Product ID : JDT-52-043
Unit Price: $19.50
Bronze WOA Medal set with ribbon for Sophomore
WOA Silver Medal Set (JR)
Product ID : JDT-52-042
Unit Price: $19.50
Silver WOA Medal set with ribbon for Junior
WOA Gold Medal Set (SR)
Product ID : JDT-52-041
Unit Price: $19.50
Gold WOA Medal set with ribbon for Senior