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Shoulder Patch

*ACU/UCP Leadership Patch (All Patches)
Product ID : acu_leadership
Unit Price: $3.29
Leadership ACU/UCP patch with hook backing. Leadership patches are foliage...
* OCP Leadership Patch (All Patches)
Product ID : leadership_ocp
Unit Price: $3.29
These leadership position patches attach to the loop patch on the left sleeve...
ACU Cadet Command Patch (Each)
Product ID : JDT-17-005
Unit Price: $3.03
ACU Cadet Command patch hook back
ACU JROTC Patch (Each)
Product ID : jdt-17-004-ms
Unit Price: $3.03
ACU digitial camo JROTC patch with hook backing
ACU Tab (Each)
Product ID : acu_tab
Unit Price: $2.19
ACU digital camo foliage green color guard tab with black lettering and hook...
American Flag Reverse Full Color (Each)
Product ID : JDT-17-006
Unit Price: $3.29
Reverse U.S. American Flag full color for ACU/UCP or OCP Army JROTC / ROTC...
Army JROTC Cloth Patch Color (Each)
Product ID : JDT-17-001
Unit Price: $2.04
Army JROTC embroidered patch (sew on), full color
Army Physical Fitness Excellence Patch (Each)
Product ID : JDT-17-003
Unit Price: $2.04
Army Physical Fitness Excellence patches (sew on)
Army ROTC color patch (Each)
Product ID : jdt-17-011
Unit Price: $2.04
Black and yellow Army ROTC color patch, sew on
Custom ACU / UCP Patch (100 Pack) (Takes Minimum 4 Weeks)
Product ID : JDT-21-002
Unit Price: $328.90
Custom made ACU / UCP patches for your JROTC / ROTC military Uniforms. Send...
Custom Color Patch (100 Pack) (Takes Minimum 4 Weeks)
Product ID : jdt-20-001
Unit Price: $275.00
custom color school patch (100 pieces) patches take 2 weeks processing time...
JROTC Champion Physical Fitness Patch (Each)
Product ID : JDT-17-010
Unit Price: $2.04
Blue JROTC Champion Presidential Physical Fitness award sew on patch.
National Physical Fitness Patch (Each)
Product ID : JDT-17-008
Unit Price: $2.04
Red National Physical Fitness Award sew on patch
Navy JROTC ACU Patch (Hook Attachment)
Product ID : JDT-NJ-005
Unit Price: $3.03
ACU NJROTC patch (hook backing)
Navy JROTC Color Patch Sew On (Each)
Product ID : JDT-NJ-004
Unit Price: $2.04
The Color NJROTC patch is worn on the left sleeve of the short-sleeve khaki...
OCP Army Ranger/Airborne style Tab (Each)
Product ID : tab_ocp
Unit Price: $2.19
OCP ranger/airborne style tab. JROTC / Junior ROTC / ROTC / Senior ROTC
OCP Cadet Command Shoulder Patch (Each)
Product ID : JDT-57-029
Unit Price: $3.03
OCP Cadet Command patch with hook back. ROTC shoulder patch.
OCP JROTC Patch (Each)
Product ID : jdt-57-028
Unit Price: $3.03
Army JROTC OCP patch. JROTC patch has hook backing to attach to uniform.